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Unlike other cleaning and home organizing companies, we want you to stay organized by choosing the right storage and labeling system that best fits your needs.  You choose the type, height and color of the containers and we do the rest of the work.  We also offer tips and tricks on revitalizing your space that you can do on your own to stay organized.  We also leave you with an organized metric system to find your belongings.

With our online or in-home phone consultation, we can provide the best plan to create a functional, and organized space in your home or office

Yes, our packages include the consultation, storage containers or solutions, the time to organize your space and a metric sheet to stay organized.

It depends on the space.  It can range anywhere from 3 hours to 2 days depending on the project.  We have helped new homeowners get organized, to helping clients after 20 years in the same home.  From downsizing offices or recouping the functionality of an unused space in the home.

Of course!  This is by far my favorite question.  It can and will almost always save you money because you will be able to locate and find something a lot easier with a functional system.  I love the pantry renovations because how often do we buy more when we cannot find something.  With a visible and functionally organized pantry, you will never have to waste food, again!

Currently, we travel within a 30-mile radius of Hampden, MA.

Yes, we love to take care of clients who spread the word of Restoration Chaos.  With written documentation we offer a 10% credit on your next project with Restoration Chaos.

tip of the month

The Fridge Refresh

  1. Clean out fridge – throw out old or expired condiments or food.
  2. Rearrange shelves according to your containers.
  3. Put down shelf lining to protect your shelves.
  4. Group like items together – condiments and meal prep.
  5. Preferred foods front and center.
  6. Stack and save space.
  7. Wash all fruits and veggies that will be placed in containers.
  8. Use glass or acrylic containers to preserve freshness.
Fridge Refresh
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